Who’s Opposing Measure DD?

Who's Opposing Measure DD? Big Biotech!

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Billionaire corporations hate paying their fair share!

Our broad coalition has done the homework to craft a fair, sustainable funding solution for South San Francisco’s Child Care Master Plan. Why would anyone who has read our plan oppose Measure DD?

Our grassroots campaign has opposition for just one reason: Six huge corporations HATE taxes more than they love our kids.

Big Biotech has already spent almost HALF A MILLION DOLLARS in this local race, just to avoid paying a modest tax on their huge wealth. They have no community support. They have no plan to provide preschool for South City kids. The “No on DD” campaign popped up overnight with the goal of LYING TO VOTERS about our volunteer-run citizens’ initiative, all so millionaire shareholders and billionaire corporations can save a buck at South City’s expense.

The corporate opposition doesn’t care about South City, they care about their bottom line

(As for those three South City politicians cooperating with No on DD, just follow the money. Our FAQs can point you in the right direction.)

Debunking their lies about Measure DD, one by one!

Our corporate-funded, right-wing opposition has spent over $440,000 to oppose our grassroots measure—the most ever spent on an election in South City history—spreading lies about what fairly taxing large corporations for universal preschool means for South San Francisco.

Let’s set the record straight!

CORPORATE LIE #1: “Unsafe and Unregulated”

FACT: All providers in the state of California are required to follow the state health and safety code.

Measure DD funds the South City preschools that parents already know and trust, and will expand them to cover every family in the city. Providers are required to follow California’s highest child care standards, with extra local oversight.

CORPORATE LIE #2: “No oversight”

FACT: Measure DD creates an oversight commission that will ensure high quality care for all children and make sure funds are used correctly. 

This commission will be composed of South City child care experts, parents, and teachers. Quarterly audits are also required for Measure DD.

CORPORATE LIE #3: “Hurts local businesses”

FACT: Measure DD taxes ONLY large corporations, NOT small businesses or homeowners.

This tax is nothing new: it’s a $2.50 per square foot yearly parcel tax imposed ONLY on commercial office properties with parcels larger than 25,000 square feet.

The same tax passed in East Palo Alto in 2018 (as Measure HH) with nearly 80% of voters voting YES. East Palo Alto’s businesses are doing fine, and developers are still building large commercial offices in the city.

COPORATE LIE #4: “Won’t provide preschool for all”

FACT: The City’s own study states Measure DD is enough to fund Preschool for All once all buildings in the pipeline are completed.

In fact, according to city reports, there will be a $300,000 surplus. And should there ever be a shortage of funds, the Measure DD ensures that South San Francisco residents and low-income families are prioritized.

CORPORATE LIE #5: “The city already has a plan”

FACT: The city’s Child Care Master Plan has NO method of funding and NO timeline of implementation.

Measure DD will fund the recommendations in our Child Care Master Plan, and make high-quality preschool a reality for all South City kids.

As you can see, the billionaire biotech corporations who oppose Measure DD don’t have a good argument against funding Preschool for All—so they just make stuff up!

Measure DD funds quality Preschool for All SSF!

South City’s families need world-class schools, strong infrastructure, and thriving communities. The best way to do this is for large corporations to pay their fair share and invest back into the community.

To learn more, read about our plan for Preschool for All, or check out FAQs about Measure DD.

Vote Yes on DD by November 8th!

Hand-drawn illustration of 20 stick-figure people of different heights, body size, and color, all holding hands