Volunteer with Measure DD!

Hand-drawn illustration of 20 stick-figure people of different heights, body size, and color, all holding hands

The election is too close to call!

Dear Measure DD supporters,

Our popular volunteer-run citizens’ initiative for universal preschool in South San Francisco has broad support from working families, unions, preschool teachers, child care workers, public officials, and local organizations.

But the corporate opposition hates the idea of paying its fair share to the community. That’s why Big Biotech has spent more than half a million dollars, the most ever spent on a race in South City, trying to stop Measure DD. 

The race is currently too close to call. Time will tell whether voters were able to see through Genentech’s lies to grasp the truth: investing in high-quality preschool and a living wage for the preschool workforce is the best possible use of city funds—and those big corporations can definitely afford it!

As we await the final results, we’d like to recognize our incredible group of volunteers, our core organizing team from Peninsula DSA, and Margaret Brodkin and her team at Funding the Next Generation. Look at what we’ve accomplished together:

  • Measure DD is the first citizen-led ballot measure in the history of South San Francisco. 
  • More than 100 volunteers successfully gathered 5700+ voter signatures at our neighbors’ front doors—and almost 700 voters displayed Yes on DD signs in their yards. 
  • Measure DD is endorsed by 60+ elected officials, local organizations, and community leaders, including AFSCME Local 829, Child Care Providers United, the SMC Democratic Party, the majority of the SMC Board of Education, and the President and Vice-President of the SSFUSD School Board.
  • Our grassroots campaign accepted no corporate funding and received donations from 450+ individuals. 

No matter what happens, we couldn’t have come this far without your generous support. Let’s win Preschool for All SSF!


The campaign for Yes on Measure DD / Preschool for All SSF

Outdoors on a sunny day in Westborough Park, a group of several dozen volunteers hold up posters in support of universal preschool in South San Francisco.
Hand-drawn illustration of 20 stick-figure people of different heights, body size, and color, all holding hands