Yes on Measure DD!

Measure DD: Preschool for All South San Francisco

Hand-drawn illustration of 20 stick-figure people of different heights, body size, and color, all holding hands
Campaign sign with "Yes on DD" in purple sans serif font, with a child's turquoise handprint, set against a bright yellow sky. Below, a horizontal line of brightly colored, stylized stick people hold hands. At bottom, the words "Preschool for All" (in white) and "South San Francisco" (all caps in yellow) are superimposed on cartoon-like purple hills evoking South City's skyline.

Endorsed by San Mateo County Democrats!

Endorsed by 4Cs and Both of South City’s Child Care Unions!

South City Needs Measure DD

No child in South City should be left out—or left behind. 

South San Francisco’s high-quality public preschool program has a four-year waitlist of more than 700 children. 

Working families who don’t win a spot in this affordable program have no choice but to find a private provider—oftentimes in a different city—and pay on average $20,000/year in tuition per child. 

And children whose families can’t afford that expense often don’t attend preschool at all, and miss out on crucial preparation for kindergarten.


Every child deserves a good start in life, regardless of their family’s ability to pay.

Our grassroots campaign will fund Preschool for All South San Francisco. When South City residents vote Yes on Measure DD!, we will

Preschool for All is funded by a modest tax on the largest commercial office parcels in town. Big corporations ought to pay their fair share to make South San Francisco a great place to work and a great place to live.

Support Preschool for All—Vote YES on Measure DD!

I'm proud to be an early supporter of this initiative that would raise teacher wages and guarantee high-quality, universal child care and early childhood education for all South City families.
James Coleman, smiling young man with short dark hair and dark suit jacket, in front of a light-colored government building
James Coleman
South San Francisco City Council Member
The most expansive and progressive measure for early care ever, this campaign would set the highest bar in the country for progressive preschool policies.
Photograph of Margaret Brodkin, smiling woman with short brown hair, glasses, colorful jewelry, and a purple top.
Margaret Brodkin
Founder and Director, Funding the Next Generation
Hand-drawn illustration of 20 stick-figure people of different heights, body size, and color, all holding hands